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Why men want sex in the morning…….EARLY MORNING SEX IS GOOD FOR THE BRAIN Read more

There’s never a bad time to have sex, but science says it’s especially fun to mess around in the morning. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Morning sex is like eating chocolate cake for breakfast — it’s decadent, indulgent and comforting. Plus, who doesn’t want to linger in bed just a little longer? It all comes down to hormones. Here’s why our sex clocks don’t always tick in time. 5am Even before a man has opened his eyes in the morning, his level of testosterone is at its peak – between 25% to 50% more than at any other time of the day. That’s because the pituitary gland in his brain – which governs the production of the male sex hormone – has been switched on in the night and levels have been steadily rising until dawn. Women also make ­testosterone – the main sex drive hormone – but produce a fraction of the amount and it rises by only a tiny bit overnight. It is also kept in balance by oestrogen and progesterone. A good kip is another reason a man may feel even more amorous in the morning. Studies found the longer and deeper a man has slept, the higher his testosterone levels. Research in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows getting more than five hours’ sleep can raise male levels by an extra 15%. 7am While a man’s levels of sex hormones are at their highest when he wakes up, a woman’s are at their lowest. “Male and female testosterone levels are at their highest at opposite ends of the day, so they are out of synch,” says consultant gynaecologist Gabrielle Downey, of the Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust.



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