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Statement: NPP responds to arrest of 3 SA nationals. ‘3 South Africans arrested for acts likely to compromise national security’.


The opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP), has in an official response to the brouhaha over the presence of three retired South African police officers in the country, stated that, the men are not criminals, and that the party did no wrong in engaging their services. The party has already taken issues with the state newspaper, the Daily Graphic and the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), for portraying the men as a threat to national security. The Daily Graphic on Tuesday March 22, headlined a front page story titled ‘3 South Africans arrested for acts likely to compromise national security’. 

The paper further reported that the three retired South African Police Officers, Major Ahmed Shaik (retd), 54; Warrant Officer Denver Dwahye, 33, and Captain Mlungiseli Jokani, 45 – were picked up at the EL-Capitano Hotel at Agona Duakwa in the Central Region, where they had been based since arriving in the country early this month. Critics and particularly members of the incumbent NDC administration, have suggested the NPP imported mercenaries to train persons to cause trouble in the November elections. But the NPP has rubbished the allegation saying the NDC is only seeking to score cheap political points. Below is the party’s official response We have taken notice of front-page stories in the Tuesday, March 22, editions of the state-owned Daily Graphic, and in newspapers belonging to the “rented press” stable of the ruling NDC government, about the arrest of 3 South African nationals on suspicion of engaging in “acts that threaten the country’s security.” According to the publications, the 3 men were invited into the country by Capt. Koda (rtd), head of our presidential candidate’s personal security. We wish to place on record that the presence of the three men in Ghana is not for any acts that can be said remotely threaten the country’s security. Known security detail belonging to the NPP’s presidential and vice presidential candidates were being given routine training by these security experts specialised and licensed to offer VIP Protection. Indeed, the two personal drivers of the candidates, as well as the official photographer of Nana Akufo-Addo, were part of the 15 persons undergoing training, which took place on the premises of a well-known, licensed, Ghanaian security company. The 3 South Africans arrived in the country on Business visas. Training of personnel in VIP protection is part of their business, and, therefore, no deception was intended. Is it not alarming, however, that a case which, according to the BNI, is still under investigation has been leaked to pro-government newspapers, obviously in the bid to help the NDC score cheap political points? It is our firm conviction that the security agencies, if they are to enjoy the confidence of the people, must always be seen to be non-partisan and professional in the discharge of their constitutional mandates. Unlike some other countries where the State takes responsibility for providing security for opposition leaders, here, in Ghana, opposition leaders are responsible for providing and maintaining their own personal security. That is exactly the case here. In an age where a radio programme host by name ‘Mugabe’, on Montie FM, a radio station belonging to the stable of the ruling party, has stated that Nana Akufo-Addo will die before June this year, we, in the NPP, will not take any chances, whatsoever, with the security of our leaders. That threat by the radio station host has, unsurprisingly, not been deemed by the authorities to be an act that could threaten our nation’s security.


Nana Akomea

NPP Director of Communications



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