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Man rapes girl 18, kills her after and butchers two others.

A young man said to be in his twenties has allegedly butchered an 18-year-old lady to death after raping her at Hwereso near Ejisu in the Ashanti Region.

A survivor of the attack and an eyewitness, Ama Emelia, said the attacker also slashed her and the mother of the deceased with a machete when they tried to save the victim.

Speaking to Joy News’ Erastus Asare Donkor, Emelia explained that three of them were in a room when they heard a knock on the door at about 11:00 pm, Monday, March 21.

“We opened the door and saw a man. He walked in and closed the door. We realized he had a hammer, a machete and a knife on him. He told my mother-in-law to allow him to have sex with the other lady [the deceased] or she would be killed. She obliged and he went on to have sex with her,” Emilia explained.

She explained that while the man was having sex with the deceased, he had the hammer and the knife in his hands and warned the victim not to scream.

According to Emelia, at a point, the victim complained that he should take it easy because she was a virgin but he continued.

“After he was done, he stabbed her in the chest. She died. Then he hopped onto her mother and butchered her severally,” Emelia explained.

She said the attacker moved towards her and she began struggling with him and they both slipped and fell in the blood of the other lady on the floor.

Emilia added that she lay motionless after that and the attacker thought she had died.

“He fled immediately and I also run and shouted for help,” she said.

According to her, the attacker lives in the neighbourhood but the family does not have any relationship with him.

The lifeless body of the attacker believed to be in his late twenties was found later by some residents of Hwereso.



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